The Trophy Hunter

The Trophy HunterA band of hunters--family men--fathers--grandfathers--which one has taken the thrill of the hunt to a new level?

Suddenly you're in his head.

And he's in your face.

When attorney Diana Martin takes on a new client as a favor to her best friend, PI Jessica Edwards, she has no clue that she and Jess will soon become targets for a psychopathic hunter set on collecting beautiful women of diverse ethnicities. And he's obsessed with keeping them perfectly beautiful FOREVER.

2007 finalist in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold.

"In The Trophy Hunter J. M. Zambrano masterfully combines mystery, thriller suspense, and horror. The story pulled me in right from the beginning." - Amazon Review

"It keeps moving forward at a great pace, compelling the reader to hold on and ride along. Tension increases ever more quickly as the two heroines approach the final dramatic conclusion." - Amazon Review

"Fast paced action with good plot twists. I read the entire book in one sitting." - Amazon Review

"A complex, twisted plot that features much intrigue. It kept me guessing until the end." - Amazon Review

Pool of Lies

Pool of LiesWhen heiress Deidre Lassiter dies of a drug overdose in her hot tub, ripples from the pool of lies that shaped her life spread to the lives of those she leaves behind.

Rae Esposito, widowed forensic accountant, sets out to help Deidre's husband settle his wife's estate and discovers that Deidre was murdered. Bent on getting justice for Deidre, Rae enlists the help of her dead husband's partner, Detective Veronica Sanchez, but a dirty cop and a drug dealing snitch muddy the waters.

On the periphery, a man and a woman conduct a private quest for justice. Deidre was their lovechild. And in spite of the intervening years, their secret love still lives.

As Rae unravels the lies that bind those connected with Deidre's case, she faces truths that set asunder everything she thought she knew about her marriage and her husband's death. When the final deception surfaces, it could cost Rae her life.

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